DVD: RC Sailboat Racing Strategy and Model Sailboat Rigging

Racing Strategy and Tactics presented by Olympic Gold Medal winning skipper Jonathan McKee and his brother Bates McKee. Both Jonathan and Bates have been active T37 RC Sailboat skippers for years and top competitors in big boat racing on Puget Sound as well. Jonathan's 42 foot carbon fiber race boat "Dark Star" is one of the fastest boats in its size range on Puget Sound. In the DVD, Jonathan presents key aspects of strategy which cover assessing the conditions on the race course as well as mental preparation. Bates has years of sailing experience including coaching the sailing team for the University of Washington. Bates presents a full range of tactical considerations for dealing with boat on boat situations as they develop on the race course. Both presentations are dynamic and full of excellent observations that will help any skipper keep focused and tuned.

Bob Stern on Rigging and Tuning: This is the classic video that covers every aspect of rigging and tuning your RC sailboat. This information is invaluable for making your boat go fast in every imaginable wind condition. Bob Stern has designed and built some of the fastest racing boats in several classes. Most notable is his "Venom" design in the U.S. One Meter class. Bob is a legend in his own right and his presentation is very informative.