T50 Radio Controlled Racing Sloop
T50 Radio Controlled Racing Sloop T50 Radio Controlled Racing Sloop T50 Radio Controlled Racing Sloop T50 Radio Controlled Racing Sloop T50 Radio Controlled Racing Sloop T50 Radio Controlled Racing Sloop T50 Radio Controlled Racing Sloop T50 Radio Controlled Racing Sloop

You won’t find a more beautiful model boat than the Radio Controlled T50 Racing Sloop. Her sleek, elegant lines capture the perfect grace of a great sailing boat. Add the beauty of the Western red cedar hull planking and you have a classic yacht that is equaled by none. With her 6-foot mast and 20-inch-long keel fin, she is just under 8 feet tall overall. Her 50-inch length makes the T50 impressive to sail. Even a couple of hundred yards out on a lake, the T50 still looks big. The entire boat rigged and ready to sail weighs just 8.25 pounds which makes her very fast and maneuverable. The building techniques have been developed to make it simple to build this elegant round bottom hull, even for a first-time builder. Carbon fiber masts and carbon fiber reinforcing inside the hull make her strong and very light.

The T50 Racing Sloop is the ultimate in RC sailing. Built exclusively for speed and performance, her 50-inch hull is the perfect combination of slender beauty linked with the power of a six foot mast and 1200 square inches of sail area.  The T50 Racing Sloop is elegant and sophisticated, with a planked cedar strip hull that gleams both on the water and on display. This ultralight model boat sails incredibly and was designed to be fast. The boat’s high performance is greatly due to it being so light; the hull with its full rig, batteries, and radio control gear weighs only 3.25 pounds. The ballast keel and rudder weigh 5 pounds to account for the rest of the 8.25 pounds. Six carbon fiber ribbons reinforce the hull in a matrix of West System epoxy. Carbon fiber is used to give superb stiffness in the fin keel and for the mast. This is the same carbon fiber technology that is used by Boeing. The building techniques are simple and straightforward with an excellent instruction manual full of pictures and very clear text. Build the T50 for its splendid and exciting sailing performance or build it to race it. Between sailing outings, the T50’s cedar hull is a beautiful display piece. The Tippecanoe T50 Racing Sloop really is the ultimate in model sailboats.  

The T50 Racing Sloop Kit comes with everything you will need to build the boat, including the marine epoxy and all of the RC gear (except for batteries) for sailing the boat. In fact, all you need is paint or varnish and AA batteries. The kit includes:

  • Beautiful old-growth tight-grain western red cedar planking strips and all other supplies needed to complete the planked hull: strongback, tape, and dressmaker’s pins
  • Pre-cut Okume mahogany three-ply deck and mahogany transom
  • High-quality brass and stainless-steel hardware
  • High-tech stainless-steel wire and Spectra rigging lines
  • Carbon fiber mast and booms
  • ¾ oz. Nylon Spinnaker cloth pre-sewn sails
  • Marine-grade epoxy, along with epoxy brushes and syringes
  • Full Radio Control gear, including the transmitter, receiver, battery box, and rudder and sail servos (including the strong 785 drum winch servo)
  • Keel ballast casting
  • Excellent, detailed building instructions to guide you through the entire building process
  • …and more!

The T50 includes a mainsail plus three different jib sails so that you can choose your rig to suit the day’s wind. The largest sail area is 1200 square inches and the smallest is 625 square inches. The Hi-tec drum winch RC servo also included has enough servo power to haul in any of the sails in any wind.

The planked deck is straight forward and fun to build. However, if you would prefer to expedite the building process, the T50 Racing Sloop is also sold with a molded carbon fiber hull instead of a planked wood one.

Please call 1-360-966-7245 or email fun@modelsailboat.com to inquire about the availability and pricing of finished boats. The finished boat comes fully completed and ready to sail.

T50 Racing Sloop Accessories: Follow each link for more detailed information and to purchase each accessory. 

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