RC Boat: Stormy 45
RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45 RC Boat: Stormy 45

About the Stormy 45

The new Stormy 45 is a beautiful, classic wooden yacht based on the elegant motor launches from the turn of the century. The Stormy 45 is both a joy to build and a joy to run. With swift speed and responsive steering, the Stormy 45 running about on a lake or a pond brings back a nostalgic feeling of elegant days gone by! 

Before the turn of the century during the Victorian era, these launches were usually powered by steam engines. After the turn of the century during the Edwardian period, internal combustion engines had become more common. The elegant lines and the graceful, easily driven hulls were a product of the limited horsepower that small steam plants and early combustion engines could supply. These boats were popular in England and America. Nathaniel Herreshoff designed several motor launches with lines similar to the Stormy 45. The draketail transom on the Stormy 45 is a popular design feature from the period. 

The Stormy 45 is a medium-displacement open launch with realistic appearance and performance. The yacht is powered either by an electric motor or by live steam. The boat is easy to build from the precut parts and other materials provided in the complete kit, from Tippecanoe Boats. 

The Electric Motor Powered Stormy 45

There is one version of the kit for building the electric powered Stormy 45 which includes the electric motor, battery power pack, battery charger and speed controller and everything necessary for completing the boat except paint and varnish and double A batteries for the transmitter. 

The Steam Engine Powered Stormy 45

The second version of the kit is for builders who are planning on installing a working steam plant in their Stormy 45. The Steam version of the kit comes complete with everything except the steam engine. The Building Manual recommends a number of different steam plants that are suitable for powering the Stormy 45 and the different companies that produce these steam plants. The Building Manual includes detailed instructions discussing different types of steam plants and instructions for installing a steam plant in the Stormy 45. 

To purchase the Steam Engine Powered Stormy 45, click on the dropdown menu, directly below the words "Electric or Steam Powered:" at the top of this page, and select the "Steam Engine Powered Stormy 45" option. 

Both the electric version of the Stormy 45 Kit and the version of the kit  for Steam Power include all of the electronic components with full range transmitter, receiver, rudder servo and servo for the throttle and forward/reverse. (a third servo will be required for reverse if the builder chooses to use a slide valve steam engine as opposed to an oscillating engine.)

Building the Stormy 45

A number of clever building concepts make the Stormy 45 remarkably easy to build. Anyone who has built one of our smaller Radio Control boats will be pleased to find that the instructions for the Stormy 45 are just as clear and helpful. Our goal has been to design this boat so that anyone can build it successfully with or without any previous experience. The YouTube building videos are completely self-sufficient to be used as building instructions and the same is true of the very detailed, and clear, printed instruction manual that comes with each kit.

All up, the 45” boat will displace about 10.5 lbs, (5 Kg). The two versions of the kit, electric or steam powered are similar in most respects, so an electric powered Stormy 45 could later be switched over to steam powered with minor changes. We have designed the Stormy 45 to be completely adapted to a steam plant with a 3” boiler, and we describe its installation.

The Stormy 45 Kit

The Stormy 45 kits come with everything you will need to build the boat, including the marine epoxy and all of the RC gear. For the Electric Motor Powered Stormy 45, all you need is paint or varnish and AA batteries! The Stormy 45 Kit includes:

  • Hull, deck, and cockpit seat pieces pre-cut to an accuracy of 1/1000 of an inch from the highest grade of marine Okume plywood
  • Optional decorative veneer deck kits for additional nautical luxury (Accessories - Ambassador Veneer Deck Kit or Festival Veneer Deck Kit)
  • Marine-grade hardware
  • Pre-cut mahogany pieces for cockpit coaming and bulwark railings.
  • Marine-grade WEST System epoxy, along with epoxy brushes and syringes
  • Complete electric motor and radio gear (All reliable Hobby Gear, not toy gear) including:
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack and Charger (electric motor version)
  • Two Servos
  • Electronic Speed Controller (electric motor version)
  • Brushed Electric Motor (electric motor version)
  • NOTE: The electric motor is not included if you opt for the steam engine version. The Steam Engine must be purchased from a third party. 
  • Excellent, detailed building instructions, and real-time building videos on YouTube, to guide you through the entire building process
  • …and more!

Videos of the Stormy 45 can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Building the Stormy 45 from Start to Finish in 10 Real-Time Videos:

Please call 1-360-966-7245, or email fun@modelsailboat.com, if you have further questions about this beautiful boat. Happy Sailing!


NOTE: The figurines and flags featured in some of the photos are not included in the kit, but they can be purchased online from E-Bay or from a local toy store.