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The standard T37 RC Sailboat races beautifully and can be very competitive, but the Racing Upgrade for the T37 Racing Sloop improves sailing performance and power, and is particularly designed for sailors considering racing. The T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop features a variety of innovations to allow for precise sail adjustments, faster sail trim, and improved speed and performance. The mast and booms of this RC Sailboat are made of strong, light-weight carbon fiber. The double-throw sheeting system, along with the more powerful ultra-torque sail servo, makes sail adjustment even faster and easier, and the boom-vang helps to maintain a perfect sail shape. Whether you are racing in a fleet of 20 boats or a fleet of one, the speed, agility, and beauty of the T37 Racing Upgrade RC Sailboat will provide hours of sailing fun!

The T37 Racing Upgrade Kit comes with everything you will need to build the boat, including the marine epoxy and all of the RC gear (except for batteries) for sailing the boat. In fact, all you need is paint or varnish and AA batteries!  For assembly, we recommend ages 15 and up, or 12 and up with an adult. For sailing and racing, we suggest ages 8 through adult.

The T37 Racing Upgrade kit is quick to build (around 20 hours building time) and no previous building experience is required. This RC Sailboat kit includes:

  • Hull and deck pieces pre-cut to an accuracy of 1/1000 of an inch from the highest grade of marine Okume plywood
  • High-quality brass and stainless steel hardware
  • Spectra rigging lines
  • Carbon fiber mast and booms
  • ¾ oz. Nylon Spinnaker cloth pre-sewn sails
  • Marine-grade epoxy, along with epoxy brushes and syringes
  • Full RC gear, including the transmitter, receiver, battery box, and rudder and sail servos
  • Keel ballast casting
  • Excellent, detailed building instructions to guide you through the entire building process
  • …and more!

Sails for this RC sailboat can be made in any of the colors shown on the color swatch in the last picture. The standard main sail colors are white and fluorescent yellow, and the standard jib sail colors are white, dark blue, red, and fluorescent orange. Other colors listed are an additional $6.50 per sail. If you would like to choose a non-standard color, select "Other" from the drop-down menu and leave a comment in the "Add a note to your order" box during checkout. 

This wooden sailboat kit includes an HS645 Ultra-Torque servo to increase the torque compared to the standard version of the kit. However, the HS645 is an analog servo and it can be upgraded further to a digital servo, either the D645MW or HS7955TG.

The digital ultra torque servos are the same outside dimensions as the standard analog servos, but the digital servos carry a big punch. In conditions where it might be difficult to pull the sails in with the analog 645 ultra torque servo and might even require a momentary partial luff, the D645MW servo yanks the sails right in tight. The HS645MG analog servo is rated at 157.8 oz. inches of torque at 6 volts, the D645MW digital servo is rated at 168 oz. inches of torque at 6 volts, and the HS7955TG digital servo is rated at a huge 333 oz. inches of torque! This 7955 top of the line servo has twice as much power as you will ever need and it is definitely over the top. There isn't even a flicker of hesitation no matter what the wind is doing at the moment. One drawback is that the standard sail arms aren't necessarily strong enough for all of this extra torque with the 7955 servo, so an upgraded stainless steel and aluminum sail arm must be installed as well. 

One important aspect of these digital servos is that they can be programmed for up to 120 degrees of swing instead of the standard 90 degrees of arc. Any digital servo you get from Tippecanoe Boats will be already programmed for the maximum swing. Along with the double throw sheeting system included in this kit, the extra swing on the servo gets your sails out almost perpendicular to the center line and pulls the main sail in to a centered position and the jib in to create a perfect slot.

Please call 1-360-966-7245 or email fun@modelsailboat.com to inquire about the availability of finished RC boats. The finished boat comes fully completed and ready to sail. The price of a Finished T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop is $1,750.

For accessories for the T37 Racing Sloop, including stands, varnish, and racing accessories, visit the T37 RC Sailboat Accessories page